Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rich Brother, Rich Sister

Rich Brother, Rich Sister - Robert & Emi Kiyosaki

This book is like a memoir of the two authors retracing their life and how they find their own path to wealth or spirituality.
This is an easy read, and show the life path of these two interesting characters. Below are a few quotes I liked.

There have been only 29 years in all of human history during which a war was not underway somewhere.

Methodists are going to heaven and Catholics are not. Because our cross does not have Jesus hanging on it. The Catholics still have jesus on their cross, which means they do not believe in the resurrection, which means Catholics will not go to heaven.

While my sister was looking for spirituality in the wilds of the Big Island, I was looking for sex in the wilds of Waikiki.

Many people believe in god, but very few people trust I god.

It took getting cancer to wake me up to the reality that money is useful.

What is the quickest, easiest, most convenient thing to do so I can reach enlightenment right away?

We would not be happy being poor, working at a job we did not love, working with people we did not like, living below our means in a dangerous neighborhood, not being able to afford health care or the finer things of life.

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