Friday, December 7, 2012

If you use Google search, you could Get Me some Free Money

Sorry, this time, it's only Me, but do it for yourself too.

We all see ads all day every day, and there is a way to share with Mr Google some of the profit generated, by simply tweaking your browser's default search engine. The search results displayed will be identical.

Here's how.

For Firefox 3

Save this file MyGoogle.xml to your
c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins

Then set MyGoogle as your default search

In your address bar, type in: “about:config”

scroll down to

Double click that entry and then type in "MyGoogle"

Restart Firefox!

For Google Chrome

Click 'Tools' - 'Options'
For Default Search, click 'Manage'

Click 'Add'
Name   'MyGoogle'
Click 'Ok'
Click 'Make Default'
Click Close, Close

For Internet Explorer 7

Click 'Tools' - 'Internet Options'

for Search, Change search defaults - Settings

Click 'Find more Providers'
and in 'Create your Own'
Paste the URL
and name it  'MyGoogle'

For people who like to have Google as your homepage you can also use this instead.

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