Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to set Proxy settings for SYSTEM account? / BITSAdmin tool

Earlier (dec 2010) I was posting about how to set the proxy settings for a SYSTEM account using manual registry modifications.

There is actually a much easier way to do this using the BITSAdmin tool from Windows.

This tool allows you to change the proxy settings for

Quick examples:

Static proxy for LOCALSYSTEM:
bitsadmin /util /setieproxy localsystem MANUAL_PROXY http://myproxy.mydomain.com:8080

Static proxy for NETWORKSERVICE that bypasses local addresses:
bitsadmin /util /setieproxy networkservice MANUAL_PROXY http://my.proxy.com "<local>"

Set a proxy.pac for LOCALSERVICE:
bitsadmin /util /setieproxy localservice AUTOSCRIPT http://myproxy.mydomain.com/proxy.pac.js

Remove all proxy settings for LOCALSYSTEM:
bitsadmin /util /setieproxy localsystem RESET

full details are on MSDN Library

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