Thursday, November 29, 2012

Failed updating configuration file

Sometimes you install applications or services that creates their own service account to run under. Unfortunately since the installer or configuration itself creates the service account, this also means that you ran the installer under a different account and thus the service account is not the owner of its own folder structure where the binaries resides.

In a secure environment, think with Windows UAC (User Access Control) turned on the application or service might fail to update its own configuration files and send you errors

"Failed updating the server config file."
"Service user does not exist."
"Permission denied"

In this case it would often help to set the owner of the installation directory to be the service account under which the application run.
If you know the exact file that the service needs to update you can change only this file, if not you can change for the entire directory.
To do so: 
Right click on the folder -> Properties -> Security -> Advanced Security Settings -> Owner -> Edit -> select your service account user and check  also ‘Replace owner on subcontainers’, OK OK OK OK 

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