Monday, January 24, 2011

After exporting a VM, the bridged network doesn't work

I encountered this problem today.

I exported a VM version 7 from ESX server 4.x to a VmWare Server 2.0.2

The VM's network card is setup as Bridged network, so I should get an IP address from my LAN's DHCP. However, the only IP addresses I can get are 192.168.1.x.

The bridged network obviously doesn't work.

I read that for the bridged network to work, you need VmWare Tools.

VmWare tools is indeed installed and running properly according to the VM and also according to VM Server itself.

I try launching a VmWare tools repair from Vm Server, this one tells me the version installed is more recent than the one we're trying to use.
This is because Vm Server is not updated for few years already, and obviously it does not use the same VmWare tools as an ESX server.

- uninstall the existing VmWare tools
- reboot
- install the VmWare tools from the Vm Server
- reboot

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