Monday, August 17, 2009

The Secret

The secret is some kind of documentary explaining the Law of Attraction.

I believe the Law of Attraction is true in part (if you don't wish for something, you're not gone get it, you will not even look for it!) but here it is presented in a pretty shallow way that involves a lot of mystery. The author just seems to say "close your eyes and order every thing you want from the catalog of the universe and you will get it; provided you wish for it thruthfully and constantly"

Below are some notes and remarks I took while watching the movie.

The secret is "the law of attraction" - hold on to the thought of what you want.
You attract what you want and think about the most.

"Thoughts attract things"
"Thing positively so positive things will happen to you"

I do believe that genuine positive attitude does attract generaly more positives responses from others and will help you in life.

Set yourself a goal, "You don't need to know the whole way how to get where you want to be. Think of when you drive a car at night, you can only see 200ft ahead, but then you will see the next 200ft, etc... till your destination.

"Focus on what you already have and feel grateful" that will boost your positive level. keep a token with you to remind you of it every day, all day.

Emulate in your thoughts what it would feel like to have what you want. Imagine the happiness.

"This is where magic and miracles happen"

Explains the placebo effects, your mind is the strongest factor into recovery.
=> at least something here that can't be refuted. Placebo effect is proven, but it is a case where the mind affects the body (not the universe).

"Focus on what you want, not what you don't want". Don't be anti-xxxx be pro-xxxx (the opposite: anti-war => pro-peace). Focus your energy on what you want, don't give free advertising to what you do not want. Being against something, gives that something exposure.

Ignore what you don't want, don't talk about it. => this will help you stay more positive.

"Whether you think you can or you can't; you are right". Ford

They're desperately looking to establish credibility. They boast long futile titles and degrees; that we are reminded of every 20 seconds; They keep quoting famous dead people out of context, since they're not famous themselves and dead people won't disagree.
They keep showing sugar-sweet testimonies of easy success and lavish lifestyles to create envy. That's what you'll get if you wish for it and a month is enough.

They quote mother Teresa as someone who understood the secret and applied it. Such a great person wishing so ardently for peace. However in the whole 20th century, there has only been 27 months of peace throughout the world.
What a poor result! On the other side, we see a simple-minded-looking guy who started wishing for a good parking spot everywhere he goes and he always gets it after only a month. He should have wished for a chauffeur!

If you want to know more
They have an online shop and two free ebooks there
- The Science Of Getting Rich
- The Master Key System

All in all, it's not badly done, it can create positive changes in people by giving them a motivation to change their behavior for the better and look forward their future with hope. However I'm afraid these changes would be based on loose reasoning.

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